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The Finnish Meteorological Institute Arctic research Centre FMI ARC provides first-hand information about the atmospheric, terrestrial and marine environments. It also offers satellite reception, data processing, archiving and distribution services for both Finnish and international partners. Due to its high-latitude location FMI ARC provides ideal facilities for versatile observations of arctic low temperature conditions. FMI Erdas Apollo is data dissemination interface where users can browse, view, and download data and products using OGC standards. It is implemented on a geospatial platform that enables high performance OGC web services. Some of the services include; web map services (WMS), Web coverage services (WCS) and Web Feature service.

FMI Erdas Apollo server catalogs and delivers enterprise geospatial data over the web though a user-friendly interface.

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Available Datasets

The current archive is composed of raster products from various projects such as SnowCarbo,SSPI. The SnowCarbo collection covers yearly and monthly regional CO2 balance maps from 2001 to 2009. The GlobSnow collection includes snow water equivalent SWE and snow extent SE products. The CryoLand collection includes PanEuropean Snow water equivalent product. This PanEuropean SWE is available in near real time. These are available via wms and wcs services.

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Jouni Pulliainen (Jouni.Pulliainen@fmi.fi)
Mwaba Kangwa (Mwaba.Kangwa@fmi.fi)